Digital Artefact Creation

The digital artifact project was really interesting and work I had never really done before. The scanning of the buildings was a big challenge for our group. We originally had Brayden and Kacper assigned to scan the two buildings but ultimately they had too much trouble so we agreed to all split up and scan the following day. Brayden and I were supposed to scan the western gateway building. When we reached the building Bryaden had forgotten to charge the camera so luckily my phone had a lidar and we were able to scan the building using the app meta scan and the app Polycam. Unfortunately, the building was so large that we were unable to get 100% of the building. The app would usually crash at about 75% of the way there. Kacper, Oisin, and Ben were able to successfully scan the Kane using Ben’s camera. The next day Brayden and Ben used Ben’s camera to scan the Western Gateway Building. The work was hard but we reaped the rewards. I think the scans and the 3d models were very impressive and very skillful. The project was a good idea as these artifacts are really readable and visually appealing. 

My role in the project was Project Manager, Researcher, and PowerPoint designer. I as project manager took meeting minutes, arranged meetings, and made sure we stuck to our schedule to stay on track for an overall successful project. I created a google doc for all the research done on the project that was accessible to everyone. I also designed the original PowerPoint which I also made accessible to everyone and everybody had editorial access. I worked tirelessly for two weeks on this project. The morning of the presentation I was informed in the WhatsApp group that one member had made a new PowerPoint at the last minute and even edited the final PowerPoint during the class presentations. I wasn’t given any reason or warning that they were proceeding without any of my work. I was clear about my disappointment in this decision. I wasn’t given access to the new PowerPoint along with one other member of the group. We both submitted the original PowerPoint. 

Brayden originally came up with the initial idea for the project and I added that we should discuss the evolution of these two buildings’ architectural standards over time. This project was definitely tough but I really think we achieved a great project. We decided on a 3d model and scan as we thought that this would be the best way to achieve the best images of these buildings. It was really hard work and we ran into multiple problems with the scanning but it only helped us really decide what we wanted to achieve in the end. 

Below I have uploaded all of the files I had access to we also 3D printed the scans of the Kane and the Western Gateway Building but I was not given access to those.